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We took the Axe brand that everyone knew and transformed it into something new.
A stylish and aspirational lifestyle brand for guys in their mid twenty's instead of a
brand for teen boys trying to get some action.
The #Selfmaker Series follows Thugli, Tomas Romita and Charles Bierbrier
as they risk it all to follow their passion.

The #Selfmaker Series: Thugli


Pat Drastik and Tom Wrecks were doing well on their own as DJ’s living 400km apart. But it wasn’t until they decided to unite together to form Thugli that their music started to take them to new heights.

The #Selfmaker Series: Tomas Romita


Working on Bay Street, it didn’t take long for Tomas Romita to realize his true calling was staring him right in the face. Tomas’ passion for custom suits drove him to leave his career in finance to build MADE Clothing Co.

The #Selfmaker Series: Charles Bierbrier


When your last name means “brewer of beer,” it’s like the universe is trying to tell you something. Charles Bierbrier knew he had to leave the corporate world when his passion for beer began to take over.

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